NCERT Notes for Class 9

NCERT Notes for Class 9

cbsestudyguru are providing CBSE notes for 9th grade students, mainly in physics, chemistry, mathematics, English, Hindi, social studies and biology.

These notes are designed to help students overcome any difficulties in solving mathematical problems and understanding complex scientific concepts. In fact, these notes can be used as valuable reference work for effective review of all chapters on any topic. Students can also use these notes. Detailed explanations, practical tasks and tips for proper learning without wasting a lot of precious time.

The 9th class NCERT notes can help students solve all the problems in the subject while gaining a deep understanding of all the concepts contained there in. The 9th class NCERT forms the basis of the competition. Chapter notes for each subject, such as science, mathematics, and social studies. This will help students understand the concept of the subject. cbse notes for class 9

It is impossible to solve all the problems with the teacher in class. This is how NCERT 9th class notes will help you solve the remaining problems and become a master of the subject. NCERT Science Notes 9 can help students learn clearly. Each concept is included in the topic and requires careful preparation for the exam. If the student is pursuing an engineering degree or a medical career, it is important to complete the exercises in the 9th class science exam. Notes will be of great help here.

Mathematics is considered one of the most difficult subjects because you need a solid foundation to understand the concepts of mathematics. If you want to have a great career, mathematics is very important. 

NCERT Notes for Class 9 by cbsestudyguru can prove to be a great learning tool for students to solve the problem and score well in the exams. NCERT Notes for Class 9 Social Science will help the students to understand the chapters in a better way. It will be easier to score well in the exams as these Notes are prepared in such a way that it is very easy to comprehend the subject and understand it.

Besides, it will become easier to retain the chapters. NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi can help you learn the subject and do well in exams without making any extra efforts.  Hindi language is very important in India .  Learning Hindi and scoring good marks in exams will not be a difficult task anymore. Notes cbsestudyguru will help the students to perform well in every section which includes- poetry, prose and grammar.

Sanskrit is a language of ancient India and it is perceived as difficult to learn. Scoring good marks in Sanskrit will greatly improve on your overall percentage. NCERT Notes for Class 9 Sanskrit will help the students to learn the chapters in an easy way.  cbsestudyguru has made the Notes to make learning Sanskrit enjoyable, besides helping the students to perform well in the subject.

NCERT Notes for Class 9

NCERT Notes for Class 9 Maths
NCERT Notes for Class 9 Science
NCERT Notes for Class 9 Social Science
NCERT Notes for Class 9 English Moments
NCERT Notes for Class 9 English Beehive
NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi
NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi Sparsh
NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi Sanchayan
NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi Kritika
NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi kshitiz
NCERT Notes for Class 9 Sanskrit

NCERT Notes for class 9

NCERT Notes for class 9 Maths

Chapter 1 Number systems
Chapter 2 Polynomials
Chapter 3 Coordinate Geometry
Chapter 4 Linear Equations in Two Variables
Chapter 5 Introduction to Euclid Geometry
Chapter 6 Lines and Angles
Chapter 7 Triangles
Chapter 8 Quadrilaterals
Chapter 9 Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles
Chapter 10 Circles
Chapter 11 Constructions
Chapter 12 Heron’s Formula
Chapter 13 Surface Areas and Volumes
Chapter 14 Statistics
Chapter 15 Probability

NCERT Notes for class 9 Science

Chapter 1 Matter in Our Surroundings
Chapter 2 Is Matter Around Us Pure
Chapter 3 Atoms and Molecules
Chapter 4 Structure of the Atom
Chapter 5 The Fundamental Unit of Life
Chapter 6 Tissues
Chapter 7 Diversity in Living Organisms
Chapter 8 Motion
Chapter 9 Force and Laws of Motion
Chapter 10 Gravitation
Chapter 11 Work, Power And Energy
Chapter 12 Sound
Chapter 13 Why Do we Fall Ill
Chapter 14 Natural Resources
Chapter 15 Improvement in Food Resources

NCERT Notes for class 9 Social Science

NCERT Notes for Class 9 Social Science History

Class 9 History Chapters
Chapter 1 The French Revolution
Chapter 2 Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution
Chapter 3 Nazism and the Rise of Hitler
Chapter 4 Forest Society and Colonialism
Chapter 5 Pastoralists in the Modern World

NCERT Notes for Class 9 Social Science Geography

Class 9 Geography Chapters
Chapter 1 India–Size and Location
Chapter 2 Physical Features of India
Chapter 3 Drainage
Chapter 4 Climate
Chapter 5 Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
Chapter 6 Population

NCERT Notes for Class 9 Social Science Political Science

Class 9 Political Science Chapters
Chapter 1 What is Democracy? Why Is Democracy?
Chapter 2 Constitutional Design
Chapter 3 Electoral Politics
Chapter 4 Working of Institutions
Chapter 5 Democratic Rights

NCERT Notes for Class 9 Social Science Economics

Class 9 Economics Chapters
Chapter 1 The Story of Village Palampur
Chapter 2 People as Resource
Chapter 3 Poverty as a Challenge
Chapter 4 Food Security in India

NCERT Notes for class 9 English

NCERT Notes for Class 9 English Beehive

Class 9 English Beehive (Prose)
Chapter 1 The Fun They Had / Hindi
Chapter 2 The Sound of Music / Hindi
Chapter 3 The Little Girl / Hindi
Chapter 4 A Truly Beautiful Mind / Hindi
Chapter 5 The Snake and The Mirror / Hindi
Chapter 6 My Childhood / Hindi
Chapter 7 Packing / Hindi
Chapter 8 Reach for the Top / Hindi
Chapter 9 The Bond of Love / Hindi
Chapter 10 Kathmandu / Hindi
Chapter 11 If I Were You / Hindi

Class 9 English Beehive (Poem)

Chapter 1 The Road Not Taken / Hindi 
Chapter 2 Wind / Hindi
Chapter 3 Rain On The Roof / Hindi
Chapter 4 The Lake Isle Of Innisfree / Hindi
Chapter 5 A Legend Of The Northland / Hindi
Chapter 6 No Men Are Foreign / Hindi
Chapter 7 The Duck and the Kangaroo / Hindi
Chapter 8 On Killing A Tree / Hindi
Chapter 9 The Snake Trying / Hindi
Chapter 10 A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal / Hindi

Class 9 English Supplementary Reader Moments

Chapter 1 The Lost Child / Hindi
Chapter 2 The Adventure Of Toto / Hindi
Chapter 3 Iswaran The Storyteller / Hindi
Chapter 4 In The Kingdom Of Fools / Hindi
Chapter 5 The Happy Prince / Hindi
Chapter 6 Weathering The Storm In Ersama / Hindi
Chapter 7 The Last Leaf / Hindi
Chapter 8 A House Is Not A Home / Hindi
Chapter 9 The Accidental Tourist / Hindi
Chapter 10 The Beggar / Hindi

NCERT Notes for class 9 Hindi

NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi Kshitij

NCERT  s for Class 9 Hindi Kshitij Bhag 1 क्षितिज भाग 1
Chapter 1 दो बैलों की कथा
Chapter 2 ल्हासा की ओर
Chapter 3 उपभोक्तावाद की संस्कृति
Chapter 4 साँवले सपनों की याद
Chapter 5 नाना साहब की पुत्री देवी मैना को भस्म कर दिया गया
Chapter 6 प्रेमचंद के फटे जूते
Chapter 7 मेरे बचपन के दिन
Chapter 8 एक कुत्ता और एक मैना
Chapter 9 साखियाँ एवं सबद
Chapter 10 वाख
Chapter 11 सवैये
Chapter 12 कैदी और कोकिला
Chapter 13 ग्राम श्री
Chapter 14 चंद्र गहना से लौटती बेर
Chapter 15 मेघ आए
Chapter 16 यमराज की दिशा
Chapter 17 बच्चे काम पर जा रहे हैं

NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi Kritika

NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi Kritika Bhag 1 कृतिका भाग 1
Chapter 1 इस जल प्रलय में
Chapter 2 मेरे संग की औरतें
Chapter 3 रीढ़ की हड्डी
Chapter 4 माटी वाली
Chapter 5 किस तरह आखिरकार मैं हिंदी में आया

NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi Sparsh

NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi Sparsh Bhag 1 स्पर्श भाग 1
गद्य – खंड
Chapter 1 धूल
Chapter 2 दुःख का अधिकार
Chapter 3 एवरेस्ट : मेरी शिखर यात्रा
Chapter 4 तुम कब जाओगे, अतिथि
Chapter 5 वैज्ञानिक चेतना के वाहक : चन्द्र शेखर वेंकट रामन
Chapter 6 कीचड़ का काव्य
Chapter 7 धर्म की आड़
Chapter 8 शक्र तारे के समान
काव्य – खंड
Chapter 9 अब कैसे छूटे राम नाम … ऐसी लाल तुझ बिनु …
Chapter 10 दोहे
Chapter 11 आदमी नामा
Chapter 12 एक फूल की चाह
Chapter 13 गीत – अगीत
Chapter 14 अग्नि पथ
Chapter 15 नए इलाके में … खुशबू रचते हैं हाथ

NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi Sanchayan

NCERT Notes for Class 9 Hindi Sanchayan Bhag 1 संचयन भाग 1
Chapter 1 गिल्लू
Chapter 2 स्मृति
Chapter 3 कल्लू कुम्हार की उनाकोटी
Chapter 4 मेरा छोटा-सा निजी पुस्तकालय
Chapter 5 हामिद खाँ
Chapter 6 दिये जल उठे

NCERT Notes for class 9 Sanskrit

Shemushi Sanskrit Class 9 NCERT  Notes

Shemushi Sanskrit Class 9  Chapter 1 भारतीवसन्तगीतिः
Shemushi Sanskrit Class 9  s Chapter 2 स्वर्णकाकः
Shemushi Sanskrit Class 9  s Chapter 3 गोदोहनम्
Shemushi Sanskrit Class 9  s Chapter 4 कल्पतरूः
Shemushi Sanskrit Class 9  s Chapter 5 सूक्तिमौक्तिकम्
Class 9th Sanskrit Book Chapter 6 भ्रान्तो बालः
Class Ninth Sanskrit Chapter 7 प्रत्यभिज्ञानम्
9th Class Sanskrit Chapter 8 लौहतुला
Sanskrit Class 9 NCERT  s Chapter 9 सिकतासेतुः
NCERT  s Class 9 Sanskrit Chapter 10 जटायोः शौर्यम्
Class 9 Sanskrit  s Chapter 11 पर्यावरणम्
शेमुषी संस्कृत Class 9  s Chapter 12 वाडमनःप्राणस्वरूपम्

Importance of CBSE Notes

  • CBSE notes are concise and clear, covering all topics in each chapter.
  • In terms of exams, CBSE Notes is designed to help students quickly familiarize themselves with all the main concepts without losing focus.
  • Key formulas, theorems and equations are part of these notes, making them one of the most useful learning materials.
  • It is important to cover the entire NCERT course; however, it is not possible to cover the entire textbook temporarily, especially if you hold a short-term study permit during the exam. BSE recommendations are helpful in this situation.
  • The CBSE notes contain detailed and well-structured explanations of all the concepts introduced in this tutorial.

Benefits of CBSE Notes

There are very important points in the CBSE notes, and for each chapter, each concept has been simplified to make it easier to remember and increase the chances of getting a good test score. CBSE Notes from cbsestudyguru is the best reference for exam preparation. Here are some details about how these solutions can help you prepare for the exam. 

  1. This helps students solve many of the problems in each chapter and encourages them to make their concepts more meaningful.
  2. CBSE Notes encourages you to update your knowledge and refine your concepts so that you can achieve good results in the exam.
  3. These CBSE notes are the best test materials to help you discover your week and advantages. To get good results in the exam, it is important to overcome your weaknesses.
  4. Most exam questions are worded in the same order as in the NCERT textbook, so students should carefully read the notes in each chapter to better understand the topic.
  5. This premium is free of cost.

Tips & Strategies for Exam Preparation

1. Develop a timetable to complete your plan and take time to review it

2. Please refer to the CBSE instructions at to clarify your concepts while preparing for the exam.

3. Start learning with A learning application that successfully passed the exam. Provide complete teaching materials, including resolved and unresolved tasks.

4. Before the exam, it is important to clarify any questions with the teacher or Alex.

5. When you read or study a chapter, write down the algorithm formulas, theorems, etc., and review them quickly before the exam.

6. Ask many questions to support your concept.

7. Take a good rest, eat well, don’t worry.

Why opt for cbsestudyguru CBSE ? 

  • cbsestudyguru provide CBSE Notes for all subjects at your fingertips.
  • These CBSE Notes are designed by subject matter experts and provide solutions to every NCERT textbook questions. 
  • cbsestudyguru especially focuses on making learning interactive, effective and for all classes.
  • We provide free CBSE Notes all classes.

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