Urban Administration CBSE Class 6 Civics Chapter 7 Notes

BoardCBSE Board, UP board, JAC board, HBSE Board, Bihar Board, PSEB board, RBSE Board, UBSE Board
Class6th Class
SubjectCivic| Political Science | Social Science
ChapterChapter 7
Chapter NameUrban Administration
TopicUrban Administration CBSE Class 6 Civic Chapter 7 Notes
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Urban Administration

In the cities, there is a big organisation called the Municipal Corporation’ that takes care of street lights, garbage collection, water supply, keeping the streets and the market clean. In smaller towns, these works are done by the Municipal Council³. The city is divided into different wards.

The Ward Councillor and Administrative Staff

The city is divided into different Wards, and Ward Councillors 5 get elected. The complex decisions are taken by groups of councillors who form committees to decide and debate issues. These decisions affect the entire city.

For example If a bus stand needs to be improved, or a crowded marketplace needs to have its garbage cleared more regularly, or there is a nala or drain that cuts through the city that needs cleaning etc. These committees for water, garbage collection, street lighting etc decide on the work to be done.

When the problems are within a ward then the people who live in the ward can contact their councillors.

The decisions made by Councillor’s committees are implemented by the Commissioner and the administrative staff. The Councillors are elected by the people, and Commissioner and administrative staff are appointed..

A Community Protest

Yasmin Khala, who used to line in the neighbourhood, had just retired from the Municipal Corporation. When Rehana’s mother was flooded with questions from Rehana and her friends, her mother suggested that they go to Yasmin Khala who would be able to answer all their questions. Yasmin Khala recalled the time when the problem of garbage disposal had become a serious issue in their neighbourhood. She told the children that the women were unhappy about the situation and had even come to her for advice. She had said then that she could try and speak with some officer in the Municipal Corporation.

Then Gangabai suggested that they go to Ward Councillor as he had been elected by them. She gathered a group of women and shouted slogans in front of his house. When the Councillor finally came out and asked what was wrong, Gangabai communicated the problem afflicting their locality. The Councillor assured them that he would go with them and meet the Commissioner the next day. He asked Gangabai to get a signed petition saying that the garbage was not being collected. He further suggested taking the local Sanitation Engineer with them.

The next morning, a large group of women reached the Municipal Corporation Office with the Ward Councillor and the Sanitation Engineer and a signed petition. The Municipal Commissioner began giving excuses for non-disposal of garbage. But Gangabai replied diligently that the Commissioner seemed to have enough trucks to collect garbage from the rich localities.

The Municipal Commissioner did not have anything to say after this. He said he would take care of the situation. immediately. Gangabai threatened that if it was not done in two days, then a larger group of women would gather in front of the corporation. Then Rehana asked what happened after that. Yasmin Khala recalled that though the garbage did not get cleaned in two days, sanitation services did improve after a larger protest.

The children enjoyed the story of Gangabai and realised why she was loved and respected. They got up and left. Rehana said she had one last question. She asked whether the two dustbins they had in their homes were also Gangabai’s idea. Yasmin Khala laughed and said no. She said it was the corporation which had suggested this for keeping the streets clean. When we sort our own garbage, it reduces their work.

The children thanked Yasmin Khala and returned to their homes. The street was darker than usual. The children smiled at each other and ran back to Yasmin Khala’s home to ask her about the streetlights.

  1. Municipal Corporation Civic body in big cities is called Municipal Corporation.
  2. Garbage Garbage is the pile of dirt and waste materials thrown by the households.
  3. Municipal Council (Municipality) It is a civic body in small towns and cities.
  4. Ward It is one of the divisions of the city for the purpose of municipal or corporation election.
  5. Ward Councillor The elected member of a ward in a corporation is called Ward Councillor.

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