A substance is a kind of matter that cannot be separated into other kinds of matter by any physical process. Eg - water, blood

A pure substance is made up of the same kind of elements and all elements have the same chemical properties. Eg- salt, oxygen

MIXTURES It is a substance in which two or more substances (element or compound) are simply mixed together in any proportion. Eg- air, vinegar

TYPES OF MIXTURE Homogenous mixture: It has no visible boundaries of separation b/w various constituents. Heterogenous mixture: It has visible boundaries of separation b/w various constituents.

SOLUTION It is a homogenous mixture of two or more substances. Eg- Nimboo Pani Solvent- a component that dissolves the other component in it Solute- a component that is dissolved in the solvent

Solution: Solute(Substance dissolved) + Solvent(Substance in which dissolved) E.g., Salt + Water = Salt solution

PROPERTIES OF SOLUTION • It is a homogeneous mixture. • Particles are smaller than 1nm in diameter. • Particles don't scatter a beam of light. • It cannot be separated by the filtration process.

SATURATED SOLUTION When no more solute can be dissolved in a solution at a given temperature. Solubility: The amount of the solute present in a saturated solution at this temperature.

UNSATURATED SOLUTION If the amount of solute contained in a solution is less than the saturation level.