The CNN opinion writer Peniel Joseph argued Friday that the Juneteenth birthday is as American as the Fourth of July.

Joseph, a University of Texas at Austin professor and social justice activist, stated that the June 19 holiday "matters more than ever" and claimed that ex-president Donald Trump and his Republican Party have caused "fear, anger, and anxiety about black citizenship."

People didn't know about Juneteenth. It commemorated the 1865 date when Texas enslaved people were granted freedom. However, mainstream media in 2020 condemned Trump for staging a rally on that day. Trump postponed his rally later "out of respect."

Thanks to Republican-sponsored legislation, Juneteenth became a federal holiday last year. Joseph was particularly critical of a Florida bill banning schools from teaching that members of one race, color, or national origin are morally inferior.

This, he claimed, prevents students from learning about systemic racism. He also reiterated the incorrect and popular point that "so-called critical race theory" was a "made up controversy."

According to the Washington Free Beacon, schools across the country have been teaching critical race theory.

This theory prioritizes race as an approach to looking at the world. Joseph isn't the only one who promotes alternatives to American traditions.

Last year, the NFL committed to playing a "black anthem," the hymn "Lift every Voice and Sing," before the U.S. national song at football games.