"It's certainly hard," Marcus Smart spoke about Boston's defeat of 103-90 in the match against Golden State. "But it's one the things we've had to go through the hell to get here, and now you can take this as a sign of respect.

The Celtics have won the first three elimination games during these playoffs to reach this point but failed to do it four times on Thursday because their offensive issues throughout the series were once more evident.

Boston held the Warriors within the low 100s for scoring throughout the series. However, Jayson Tatum declared that Boston's attitude in the offensive sphere was a constant failure for the Celtics when they made many turnovers after the other.

The Celtics also had 22 mistakes in Game 6, as Tatum who ended with a record-setting 100 giveaways this postseason, which is the highest number ever recorded by a player during one playoff game -- was the only player to have five.

, the Warriors were ready to respond. They responded. And then responded. The minutes dragged by, and Golden State kept scoring. Boston continued to turn the ball around.

At the end of the first quarter, the Warriors were leading, and one Golden State would never give back. The lead grew to 15 at the half-time mark, and while the Celtics were battling hard during the second half, they didn't have the chance to make a comeback

Curry's surge caught the breeze in the third frame, and the guard sank the three 3-pointers of six within the frame. Curry completed the 2022 Finals with an average of 31.2 points and grabbed 6.0 rebounding and 5.0 assists during the championship game.

The players, owners, and coaches of the Warriors were gathered in Boston to receive the Larry O'Brien trophy; Stephen Curry received the Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award, which marked the first time he's received the award in his long career.