75th Anniversary Of ‘The Diary Of Anne Frank’

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany, on June 12, 1929. Anne Frank was only 10 years old when World War 2 began. She received a notebook as a birthday gift.

Frank's family fled to hiding in 1942. They set up a secret annex at her father's house, where she began daily writing about their lives, dreams, and fears.

Anne Frank's family was uncovered through the Nazi Secret Service on August 4, 1944. They were transferred to a detention center and made to perform difficult work.

They were later deported to one of Poland's most famous Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Later, she was transferred to the Bergen-Belsen camps in Germany.

The brutal killings by Nazi forces, prisoners in filthy conditions and cramped in tight spaces. This led to the spread of diseases. Anne Frank, too succumbed to the disease.

Otto was the sole remaining person from his clan who survived the Holocaust. However, Anne did not make it through the horrors of the Holocaust. Anne passed away at 15 years.

Her diary is now an important piece of evidence for understanding how life was lived and what the suffering of Jews under the Nazi Party was like.

According to AFP, the book, titled "The Diary of a Little Girl", was sold to more than 30 million people worldwide when it first came out on the 25th of June 1947.