CBSE Notes 2021

CBSE notes: One of the most important aspects of face-to-face teaching. Students who give good evaluations usually get good grades.

During the self-study process, students have the habit of writing down key points, formulas, definitions, etc. The selection of these key points is collectively referred to as CBSE notes. Students will take these notes while studying CBSE textbooks. And organization.

Studying CBSE notes can help students prepare for the exam in a structured and organized way. By taking notes, you can save time for peer review because you don’t have to read the entire tutorial. In the notes, students will find a concise summary of all chapters. Students only need to read these notes to quickly recall all the concepts.

In order to get good grades, students must study wisely. The key to successfully passing the exam is to plan the course correctly and track the knowledge learned in a day. Therefore, to help students prepare, we provide CBSE chapter notes for grades 9, 10, 11, and 12. When you study these CBSE notes, the student’s hard work will translate into achievement. This will enable you to achieve fruitful results during the exam.

CBSE Notes

CBSE Class 12 Notes

Class 12 Maths Notes
Class 12 Physics Notes
Class 12 Chemistry Notes
Class 12 Biology Notes
Class 12 English Notes
Class 12 Business Studies Notes
Class 12 Accountancy Notes
Class 12 Psychology Notes
Class 12 Sociology Notes
Class 12 History Notes
Class 12 Entrepreneurship Notes
Class 12 Political Science Notes
Class 12 Economics Notes
Class 12 Indian Economic Development Notes
Class 12 Micro Economics Notes
Class 12 Physical Education Notes
Class 12 Geography Notes
Class 12 Hindi Notes

CBSE Class 11 Notes

Class 11 Maths Notes
Class 11 Physics Notes
Class 11 Chemistry Notes
Class 11 Biology Notes
Class 11 English Notes
Class 11 Business Studies Notes
Class 11 Accountancy Notes
Class 11 Psychology Notes
Class 11 Entrepreneurship Notes
Class 11 Economics Notes
Class 11 Macro Economics Notes
Class 11 Statistics for Economics Notes
Class 11 Political Science Notes
Class 11 History Notes
Class 11 Sociology Notes
Class 11 Geography Notes

CBSE Class 10 Notes

Class 10 Maths Notes
Class 10 Science Notes
Class 10 Social Science Notes
CBSE Class 10 English
CBSE Class 10 Hindi Notes

CBSE Class 9 Notes

Class 9 Maths Notes
Class 9 Science Notes
Class 9 Social Science Notes
Class 9 English Notes
CBSE Class 9 Hindi Notes

Importance of CBSE Notes

  • CBSE notes are concise and clear, covering all topics in each chapter.
  • In terms of exams, CBSE Notes is designed to help students quickly familiarize themselves with all the main concepts without losing focus.
  • Key formulas, theorems and equations are part of these notes, making them one of the most useful learning materials.
  • It is important to cover the entire NCERT course; however, it is not possible to cover the entire textbook temporarily, especially if you hold a short-term study permit during the exam. BSE recommendations are helpful in this situation.
  • The CBSE notes contain detailed and well-structured explanations of all the concepts introduced in this tutorial.

Benefits of CBSE Notes

There are very important points in the CBSE notes, and for each chapter, each concept has been simplified to make it easier to remember and increase the chances of getting a good test score. CBSE Notes from cbsestudyguru is the best reference for exam preparation. Here are some details about how these solutions can help you prepare for the exam. 

  1. This helps students solve many of the problems in each chapter and encourages them to make their concepts more meaningful.
  2. CBSE Notes encourages you to update your knowledge and refine your concepts so that you can achieve good results in the exam.
  3. These CBSE notes are the best test materials to help you discover your week and advantages. To get good results in the exam, it is important to overcome your weaknesses.
  4. Most exam questions are worded in the same order as in the NCERT textbook, so students should carefully read the notes in each chapter to better understand the topic.
  5. This premium is free of cost.

Tips & Strategies for Exam Preparation

1. Develop a timetable to complete your plan and take time to review it

2. Please refer to the CBSE instructions at to clarify your concepts while preparing for the exam.

3. Start learning with A learning application that successfully passed the exam. Provide complete teaching materials, including resolved and unresolved tasks.

4. Before the exam, it is important to clarify any questions with the teacher or Alex.

5. When you read or study a chapter, write down the algorithm formulas, theorems, etc., and review them quickly before the exam.

6. Ask many questions to support your concept.

7. Take a good rest, eat well, don’t worry.

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