NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 7 Packing

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 7 Packing

1. Thinking about the Text
2. Thinking about Language

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 7 Packing, (English) exam are Students are taught thru NCERT books in some of state board and CBSE Schools.  As the chapter involves an end, there is an exercise provided to assist students prepare for evaluation.  Students need to clear up those exercises very well because the questions withinside the very last asked from those.

Sometimes, students get stuck withinside the exercises and are not able to clear up all of the questions.  To assist students, solve all of the questions and maintain their studies without a doubt, we have provided step by step NCERT Solutions for the students for all classes.  These answers will similarly help students in scoring better marks with the assist of properly illustrated solutions as a way to similarly assist the students and answering the questions right.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 7 Packing

Textbook Questions


Thinking about the Text

I. Discuss in pairs and answer each question below in a short paragraph . ( 30-40 words ) .

1. How many characters are there in the narrative ? Name them . ( Don’t forget the dog ! ) .

2. Why did the narrator ( Jerome ) volunteer to do the packing ?

3. How did George and Harris react to this ? Did Jerome like their reaction ?

4. What was Jerome’s real intention when he offered to pack ?

5. What did Harris say after the bag was shut and strapped ? Why do you think he waited till then to ask ?

6. What ” horrible idea ” occurred to Jerome a little later ?

7. Where did Jerome finally find the toothbrush ?

8. Why did Jerome have to reopen the packed bag ?

9. What did George and Harris offer to pack and why ?

10. While packing the hamper , George and Harris do a number of foolish and funny things . Tick the statements that are true .

( i ) They started with breaking a cup .

( ii ) They also broke a plate .

( iii ) They squashed a tomato .

( iv ) They trod on the butter .

( v ) They stepped on a banana .

( vi ) They put things behind them , and couldn’t find them .

( vii ) They stepped on things .

( viii ) They packed the pictures at the bottom and put heavy things on top .

( ix ) They upset almost everything .

( x ) They were very good at packing .


1 . There are four characters in the narrative . The names of the characters are Jerome ( the narrator ) , George , Harris , and Montmorency ( the dog ) .

2. The narrator was quite boastful of himself for his packing skills . He felt as if he was one of the finest persons to do that job . Therefore , he volunteered to do the packing .

3. Jerome’s suggestion was happily accepted by both George and Harris . The manner in which they agreed on this idea had something fishy about it . George spread himself over the easy chair and Harris put his legs on the table . Jerome did not like the reaction from them at all . He actually wanted to dictate the terms , but he was getting restless on watching the scenario .

4. Jerome wanted Harris and George to work under his guidance in the process of packing . He wanted to be bossy as well since he considered himself as superior than the two . The reaction from both of them irritated him a lot as the things were not panning out the way he wanted them to be .

5. After the bag was shut and strapped , Jerome was asked by Harris whether he would put his boots in or not since Jerome had a very good idea about the behaviour of Harris . By doing so , Harris just wanted to irritate Jerome and prove that his packing skills were not as good as he thought them to be .

6. The ” horrible idea ” that occurred to Jerome a little later was about his toothbrush . Since Jerome used to forget his toothbrush whenever he travelled somewhere . At this , he looks quite perturbed as well .

7 . Jerome finally found the tooth brush inside a boot after checking all the other places .

8 . Jerome had found that he had packed his spectacles in the bag due to which he had reopened the bag .

9. For carrying food , George and Harris offered to pack the pannier ( hamper ) . Harris thought that it would be much better if George should continue with the rest of the stuff to be packed . They would be starting in less than twelve hours . They began in a quite light hearted spirit since they wanted to teach Jerome how to do it .

10. Statements i , iii , iv , vi , vii and ix are true .

II . What does Jerome say was Montmorency’s ambition in life ? What do you think of Montmorency and why ?

ANSWER : According to Jerome , Montmorency’s ambition in life was to make the things that don’t look good and create trouble for others as well . He could always be someone who would behave like a perfect nuisance in a particular situation and make people angry . They throw the things at his head for his deeds . His major aim was to get somebody to trip or momentarily lose one’s balance over him and accuse him continuously for an hour . The worse about the scenario was that after succeeding in his tasks , he was always quite happy about such foolishness of his .

III . Discuss in groups and answer the following questions in two or three paragraphs . ( 100-150 words )

1. Of the three , Jerome , George and Harris , who do you think is the best or worst packer ? Support your answer with details from the text .

2. How did Montmorency ‘ contribute to the packing ?

3. Do you find this story funny ? What are the humorous elements in it ?

( Pick out at least three , think about what happens , as well as how it is described . )


1. Jerome , George and Harris proved to be in quite a miserable situation when all of them decided to pack . Since , Jerome has been quite boastful of his packing skills as he had all the knowledge in the world . However , he did a lot of silly mistakes during packing like he forgot to pack the boots ; got confounded about his toothbrush and accidently packed his spectacles as well . There were multiple occasions at which he had to unpack as well . As far as George and Harris are concerned , they were good for nothing when they started packing the hampers . In the opinion of the author , Harris was the worst packer of all . They also packed heavy things on top of lighter ones and broke a cup as well . In this way , the packing got entangled into a lot of things which they were unable to handle due to various reasons .

2. Montmorency’s aspiration in life was disrupt the general flow , be sworn at , squirm into places where he was not needed , be an ideal irritation , make individuals frantic , and have things tossed at his head . He came and plunked down on things exactly when they were going to be pressed . As per the storyteller , the canine had a fixed conviction that at whatever point Harris or George connected their hand for anything , it was his cold moist nose they needed .

He put his leg into the jam and upset the tea spoons . He imagined that the lemons were rodents . He went into the hamper and murdered three of them before Harris could hit him with a frying pan .

Harris reprimanded Jerome for giving power to the dog . In any case , Jerome said that a dog like Montmorency didn’t require any support . It had a characteristic and unique sin that was conceived in it , which caused it to do things like that .

3. This story is amusing as it draws out the disarray , chaos and wreckage that are caused due to haphazard packing undertaken by novices . It shows how three grown – ups making total blockheads out of themselves . The terrible pressing abilities of the storyteller and his companions are in plain view right now . The narrator , who highly esteems his pressing capacity , unloads and re – packs very similar things multiple times , a lot to the delight of his companions . At the point when the ball is in their court to pack , they are more terrible than the storyteller . Imitating his companions , the narrator essentially kicks back and watches them ruin everything . Things get increasingly confused when the pooch , Montmorency enters the image .

The storyteller looks at the things he unpacked to discover his toothbrush to a similar condition of disarray that existed when the world was made . On observing all those things , George and Harry had figured out how to do with the butter , the narrator says that he had never observed anybody accomplish more with one – and – two pence worth of butter . The narrator amusingly depicts how Montmorency’s desire in life is to disrupt everything and be sworn at . He even imagined that the lemons were rodents and got into the hamper and murdered three preceding Harris could land a griddle on him .


Thinking about Language

I. Match the words / phrases in Column A with their meanings in Column B


II . Use suitable words or phrases from Column A above to complete the paragraph given below .

A. Traffic Jam

During power cuts , when traffic lights go off , there is utter _________ at crossroads . Drivers over their add to the confusion by ___________ right of way , and nearly come to blows .

Sometimes passers – by , seeing a few policemen at ___________ regulating traffic , step in to help . This gives them a feeling of having ___________ something .


A Traffic Jam

During power cuts , when traffic lights go off , there is utter chaos at crossroads . Drivers add to the confusion by getting into a row over their right of way , and nearly come to blows . Sometimes passers – by , seeing a few policemen slaving at regulating traffic , step in to help . This gives them a feeling of having accomplished something .

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