NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Geography Chapter 3 Latitude Longitude And Time

Class 11 Geography Chapter 3 Latitude Longitude And Time

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Geography Chapter 3 Latitude Longitude And Time, (Geography) exam are Students are taught thru NCERT books in some of state board and CBSE Schools. As the chapter involves an end, there is an exercise provided to assist students prepare for evaluation. Students need to clear up those exercises very well because the questions withinside the very last asked from those.

Sometimes, students get stuck withinside the exercises and are not able to clear up all of the questions. To assist students solve all of the questions and maintain their studies with out a doubt, we have provided step by step NCERT Solutions for the students for all classes. These answers will similarly help students in scoring better marks with the assist of properly illustrated solutions as a way to similarly assist the students and answering the questions right.

NCERT Solutions For Class 11 Geography Chapter 3 Latitude Longitude And Time

Class 11 Geography Chapter 3 Latitude Longitude And Time

1. Answer the following questions in about 30 words.

Question 1(i).
Which are the two natural points of references on the earth?
North Pole and South Pole are the two natural points of references on the earth.

Question 1(ii).
What is a great circle?
Equator is also called a great circle. The line drawn midway between the North Pole and the South Pole is called the equator. It is the largest circle and divides the globe into two equal halves.

Question 1(iii).
What are coordinates?
The latitudes and longitudes are commonly referred to as geographical coordinates as they provide systematic network of lines upon which the position of various surface features of the earth, can be represented.

Question 1(iv).
Why does the sun appear to be moving from east to west?
The earth rotates from west to east and therefore, the sun appears to be moving from west to east.

Question 1(v).
What is meant by local time?
The rate of the time at which the sun traverses over certain degrees of longitudes is used to determine the local time of an area with respect to the time at the Prime Meridian (0°Longitude).

2. Distinguish between latitudes and longitudes:
The difference between latitudes and longitudes is as follows:





The meridians of longitude refer to the angular distance, in degrees, minutes, and seconds, of a point east or west of the Prime (Greenwich) Meridian.

The parallels of latitude refer to the angular distance, in degrees, minutes and seconds of a point north or south of the Equator.


Lines of longitude are often referred to as meridians.

Lines of latitude are often referred to as parallels.

Reference point

0° longitude is called prime meridian.

0° latitude is called equator.


It divides the earth into eastern hemisphere and western hemisphere.

It divides the earth into northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere.


These are 360 in number: 180 in the eastern hemisphere and 180 in the western hemisphere.

These are 180 in number: 90 in southern hemisphere and 90 in northern hemisphere.


It helps to determine time of a place.

It helps to determine temperature of a place.


These are not equal.

These are equal.


1. Find out the locations of the following places with the help of your atlas and write their latitudes and longitudes.





19° Northern Latitude

73° Eastern Longitude


43° Northern Latitude

132° Eastern Longitude


30° Northern Latitude

30° Eastern Longitude

New York

41° Northern Latitude

74° Western Latitude


45° Northern Latitude

76° Western Latitude


47° Northern Latitude

7° Western Latitude


27° Southern Latitude

27° Western Latitude


34° Southern Latitude

152° Eastern Latitude

2. What would be the time of the following cities if the time at Prime Meridian is 10 a.m.? Tokyo 7:18 p.m.
Paris 10:8 a.m.
Delhi 3 p.m.
London 10 a.m.
Tokyo 7:18 p.m.
Paris 10:8 a.m.
Cairo 12 noon
Moscow 12: 32 p.m.

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