Harappan civilization Invasion Theories By Scholars

Evidence of an ‘invasion’-Theories propounded by scholars.

  • John Marshall (Mohenjodaro and the Indus Civilization, 1931)
    • John Marshall presented the evidence of a massacre in Mohenjodaro in 1925.
    • Skeletons of people with ornaments were found at the site, this indicates that the Harappan civilization was destroyed by foreign invasion.
  • R.E.M Wheeler (Harappa 1946, Ancient India, 1947)
    • In 1947, R.E.M Wheeler, then Director–General of the ASI, tried to correlate this archaeological evidence with Rigveda. The Rigveda mentions pur, meaning rampart, fort, or stronghold. Indra, the Aryan war-god is called puramdara, the fort destroyer.
    • It is assumed that as wheeler put it,”Indra stands accused’’ of destroying the cities of the Harappan civilization and of the responsibility for the massacre at Mohenjodaro.
  • G.F Dales (The Mythical Massacre at Mohenjodaro, Expedition, 1964)
    • In the 1960s, this theory was opposed by an archaeologist named George Dales.
    • He demonstrated that the skeletons found at the site did not belong to the same period.
    • There is no sign of extensive burning, no bodies of warriors clad in armour and surrounded by weapons war.

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