Class 10 English Term 2 Sample Paper 2022 (Solved)

English Term 2 Sample Paper 2022 (Solved)

Class 10 English Term 2 Sample Paper 2022, (English) exams are Students are taught thru NCERT books in some of the state board and CBSE Schools. As the chapter involves an end, there is an exercise provided to assist students to prepare for evaluation. Students need to clear up those exercises very well because the questions inside the very last asked from those.

Sometimes, students get stuck inside the exercises and are not able to clear up all of the questions.  To assist students, solve all of the questions, and maintain their studies without a doubt, we have provided a step-by-step NCERT Sample Question Papers for the students for all classes. These answers will similarly help students in scoring better marks with the assist of properly illustrated Notes as a way to similarly assist the students and answer the questions right.

Class 10 English Term 2 Sample Paper 2022

General Instructions

  • The Question Paper contains THREE sections- READING, WRITING &GRAMMAR and LITERATURE
  • Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.

Section A – Reading

[10 Marks]

1. Read the following passage carefully:

(1) As the family finally sets off from home after many arguments, there is a moment of lull as the car takes off. “Alright, so where are we going for dinner now?” asks the one at the driving wheel. What follows is a chaos, as multiple voices makes as many suggestions.

(2) By the time, order is restored and a decision is arrived at, tempers have risen, feelings injured and there is at least one person grumbling.

(3) Twenty years ago, you would step out of home, decision of meal and venue already made with no arguments or opposition and everybody looked forward to the meal with equal enthusiasm. The decision was made by the head of the family and the others fell in line. Today every member of the family has a say in every decision which also promotes a sense of togetherness and bonding.

(4) We empower our kids to take their own decisions from a very early age. We ask them the cuisine they prefer, the movie they want to see, the holiday they wish to go on and the subjects they wish to study.

(5) It’s a closely connected world out there, where children consult and guide each other. A parent’s well meaning advice can sound like nothing more than unnecessary preaching. How then do we reach our children through all the conflicting views and make the voice of reason be heard? Children today question choices and prefer to go with the flow.

(6) What then is the best path to take? I would say the most important thing one can do is to listen. Listen to your children and their silences. Ensure that you keep some time aside for them, insist that they share their stories with you. Step into their world. It is not as complicated as it sounds just a daily half an hour of the quality time would do the trick.

Based on your understanding of the passage, answer ANY FIVE questions from the six given below:               (1 x 5 = 5)

(i) What kind of chaos follows a decision, according to the passage ?

(ii) Why is it important for every member of the family to have a say in every decision ?

(iii) What do children prefer these days ?

(iv) Pick the synonym of ‘hurt’ from paragraph 2.

(v) The antonym of ‘simple’ in paragraph 6 is _______ .

(vi) What message does this passage convey?

2. Read the following excerpt from a case study titled ‘Sustainable Tourism’.

(1) The white tiger is an offspring of Bengal tiger, which has the necessary gene for white colouring. It has beautiful black stripes on a white coat. This species of animal has blue eyes and a pink nose.

(2) A pure white tiger is totally white without any stripe, which is due to the presence of double recessive allele in the genetic code. It happens only in the Bengal tiger subspecies, and only one in 10,000 births can have it naturally. White tigers are rarely seen in the wild, and only twelve of them have been spotted in India since last one-hundred years. Tigers have a life-span of 10-15 years. They are solitary animals, and are fond of hunting at night. Their diet consists of any animals that they can catch, and can eat up to 40 pounds of meat at one time. After such a big meal, they usually remain away for several days from food.

(3) They are slow runners, but good swimmers. They are poor climbers and cannot climb a tree easily, They live in an area ranging from 10 to 30 square miles depending upon the availability of prey, water and shelter. Habitat loss, poaching and expansion of human population have together contributed to their becoming endangered. They are widely hunted for their body- parts, which are used in traditional Chinese medicines.

(4) Genetic inbreeding is another reason for their endangerment. Due to shortage in their number, this species of animal has been subjected to inbreeding. It has resulted in high mortality rates and severe disabilities. About 80 percent of the white tiger cubs are born with serious birth- defects related to inbreeding, and they soon die-off.

(5) The critical condition of this animal has attracted the attention of conservationists worldwide. World Wildlife Federation (WWF), defenders of wildlife, and many other wildlife organisations are working with the support of the government for the cause of protecting them from becoming extinct. Once they become extinct, it will not be possible to bring them back to life.


Description automatically generated

On the basis of your understanding of the passage, answer ANY FIVE questions from the six given below.                    (1 x 5 = 5)

(i) Why is there no stripe on the pure white tiger?

(i) Which factors have led to the tiger species fall in the category of endangered species?

(iii) Why are the tigers hunted?

(iv) The word which means the same as ‘illegal hunting’ in para 3 is ______ .

(v) What does the visual given about depict about the number of tigers?

(vi) What has contributed to the change in the number of tigers from 2006 to 2018 ?

Section B – Writing and Grammar

[10 marks]

3. Attempt ANY ONE from (i) & (ii).

(i) As a health conscious person, you have noticed an advertisement in a newspaper on yoga classes in your neighbourhood. Write a letter in 100-120 words to the Organiser, Yoga for Public, R.K. Puram, New Delhi requesting him/her to send you information about the duration of the course and other relevant details. You are Shweta/Srikar of 15, R.K. Puram, New Delhi.            (5)

(ii) The chart below displays data about the number of digital devices purchased in Rishu nagar across the years 2016 – 2020. Write a paragraph analyzing the given data.


Description automatically generated with medium confidence

4. The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Identify the error and write its correction against the correct blank number. Remember to underline the correction.    (1 x 3 = 3)

                                                                Error       Correction

A saint walks the streets of Kolkata.   (a) …………… …………….

It can happen only at India. It             (b) …………… …………….

is time that us realise our strength.    (c) …………… …………….

5. Read the given conversation below and complete the passage that follows.       (2)

A picture containing text

Description automatically generated

Neha asked Naina …….(a)……. London. Naina replied that she had enjoyed herself only in parts as ……..(b)…… there.

Section C – Literature

[20 marks]

6. Answer ANY SIX questions in 30-40 words each.              (2 x 6 = 12)

(i) Why did Mr. Barua feel surprised?

(ii) Would you call Amanda a disrespectful child? Provide one reason to justify your opinion.

(iii) Suggest two ways by which you feel scientific temperament can be developed in a child.

(iv) Ramlal was worried about Bholi as she didn’t have good looks. Counter the belief that it is important for a girl to be good looking and give a reason for the same.

(v) Whitman’s ode to animals is merely a yearning for a simple life. Do you agree? Justify your answer.

(vi) Do you think Chubukov is a good father? Justify your opinion based on your reading of the test.

(vii) Inspired by the diversity in the chapter, ‘Glimpses of India’, you wrote an article for your school magazine on the topic. ‘Diversity the uniqueness of India’. Write a paragraph, sharing two key opinions from the article.

7. Answer ANY TWO of the following in about 120 words each.              (4 x 2 = 8)

(i) Though the play revolves around three people, Russian society emerges as an important character through the on goings of the play and the thoughts and interactions of its characters. Imagine yourself to be a historian who has been invited to speak about nineteenth century upper class Russian society.

Based on your reading of the play, ‘The Proposal’ how might you describe it? Support your evaluation with instances from the text.

(ii) In the chapter, ‘A Baker from Goa’ the narrator talks about his childhood in Goa and his fond memories. Compare the childhood of Bholi with that of the narrator.

(iii) “You seem to have done your homework before coming.” Answer the given question in the light of this statement.

Rajvir seemed to have a lot of information about tea, What all did he tell? What character trait of his is revealed? Is it essential for children?

Solution of Sample Paper 

Section A – Reading

1. (i) According to the passage, by the time, an order is restored and a decision is arrived at, tempers rise, feelings are injured and there is at least one person grumbling .          (1 x 5 = 5)

(ii) It is important for every member of the family to participate in decision making as it promotes a sense of togetherness and bonding.

(iii) Now-a-days, children prefer to go with the flow and they question choices.

(iv) Injured

(v) Complicated

(vi) The passage conveys that parents should give some space to children. They should listen to their children and their silences. They should let their children solve their problems by helping them from the back.

2. (i) There is no stripe on the pure white tiger due to the presence of double recessive allele in the genetic code.

(ii) The tiger species has fallen in the category of endangered species because of habitat loss, poaching, expansion of human population and genetic inbreeding.

(iii) The tigers are widely hunted for their body parts which are used in traditional chinese medicines.

(iv) poaching

(v) The visual given above depicts an encouraging picture as it shows an increase in the number of tigers.

(vi) The hard work of World Wildlife Federation, defenders of wildlife and many other organisation which are working with the support of government to protect the endangered tiger species has contributed to the increase in the number of tigers from 2006 to 2018.

Section B – Writing and Grammar

3. (i) 15, R.K Puram                (5)

New Delhi

7 August 20x x

The Organiser

Yoga For Public

R.K. Puram

New Delhi

Subject : Enquiry About the Courses

Respected Sir

With reference to your advertisement in ‘The Times of India’ dated 5 August 20xx, I would like to tell you that I wish to join the yoga classes organised by you. Kindly furnish the following details :

• Duration of the course

• Timings of the classes

• No, of persons in each batch

• Any special class for girls

• Fee structure

I am awaiting an early reply from your end so that I may join as early as possible.

Thank you

Yours sincerely


(ii) Purchase of Digital Devices

According to the given data, a large number of digital devices was purchased in Rishu Nagar across the years 2016-2020. The data indicates that more smart phones were purchased in 2016 as compared to the computers which numbered approx – 35,000 in 2016. There was a gradual rise in the purchase in 2017 when the number of smart phones rose to 60,000 and computers to 59,000. The trend suddenly changed and a sharp rise was seen us. The purchase of computers in 2018 which again dropped to approx, 45,000 in 2019. The year showed a decline in the purchase of smartphones as well. But the year 2020 brought hope and cheer for the sellers when there was again an upward trend in both smartphones and computers. To sum up it can be said that the purchase of digital devices across these fire years showed the incline of people towards the hi-tech devices.

4. Error      Correction            (3)

(a) walks     walked

(b) at          in

(c) us          we

5. (a) if she had enjoyed her holidays in                (2)

(b) it had been really very cold

Section C – Literature

[20 marks]

6. (i) Mr. Barua was surprised that Rajvir knew so much about tea plantations, despite the fact that it was his first visit to Assam. He appreciated the fact that Rajvir had collected a considerable amount of information before coming.                 (2 x 6 = 12)

(ii) Amanda was not listening to the speaker. Rather, she was engulfed in her own imagination. Hence, she is regarded as a disrespectful child.

(iii) Scientific temperament in a child is already there. There is only the need to cultivate scientific attitude in child right from his childhood. His curiosity to know about strange things and will to learn new things should always be encouraged.

(iv) Bholi’s father was always worried about her because she not only looked ugly due to pock marks, but also stammered while talking. But in today’s time it is not that important. Bholi very aptly proved this wrong. Despite her ugly looks, she turned out to be a masterpiece who fought against the evils of the society by refusing to marry Bishamber Nath.

(v) There was a time when both humans and animals possessed noble virtues of love, peace contentment and simplicity. With passage of time, humans gave up all such token of virtues. The road of noble virtues is still followed by animals. They remind the poet of those qualities and he yearns of a simpler life.

(vi) Stephen Stepanovitch Chubukov loves his daughter and plays the role of a good fathers. He is in search of a good match for his daughter. He calls Lomov – my angel, treasure etc., when he comes to know about his proposal. When Chubukov finds Lomov fighting with Natalya, he immediately changes and starts to support his daughter.

(vii) Diversity makes India unique. India, is unique country in every possible way and its colourful. Festivals and dressing is one of them. Every culture, religion and custom has its own unique colour, which shows the diversity in one. In India, different people have different culture, speak different languages customs, caste, history, religions, which make India unique.

7. (i) Honourable Ladies and Gentleman

I have been invited here to share with you my views about the nineteenth century upper class Russian society.

Noble titles and land ownership were the main determinants of precise league in 19th century upper class Russian society. Protective of their wealth and precise league, Russian’s landed aristocracy was arguably the most conservative force.

I read a story ‘the proposal’, which belongs to the Russian characters so through the dialogues of the characters, we come to know a lot about Russian man. According to the story the Russians are very particular about their dress and have particular dresses for a special occasion. Secondly, they are hypocrites. They show off to be sweet but the very next moment, they start fighting. As in the story, Chobukov call Lomov ‘my angel’ but later fought with him. They pretend to be good neighbors but within their heart, they have so many grades. They love to have dogs as a pet and consider their pets better than the other one. All of them are stubborn, short-tempered, quarrelsome and rigid. Such behavior and thought is clearly visible through the interactions of its characters in the story.

Thank you

(ii) The narrator had pleasant memories of his childhood but Bholi had a very disturbed and depressing formative years. A person’s childhood is the most beautiful time of their life, but this was not true with Bholi. Since she was the fourth daughter, her father did not welcome her happily at the time of her birth. Because of her disability, she was despised by all of her family members. Bholi had an unpleasant childhood.

When she was just ten months old, her brain was affected by a fall. She contracted smallpox when she was just two years old, and the disease left her with permanent pockmarks on her body. When chatting, she stammered. As a result, she was a neglected child in her household. Nobody had any high hopes for her. Her parents referred to her as a ‘dumb cow’ and treated her badly. The old dresses of her sister were passed on to her. No one cared to mend or wash her clothes. New clothes had never been made for Bholi. No one oiled her hair or tried to teach her anything. It was miraculously, that she reached the school which transformed her entirely and she truly proved worthy of her name, ‘Sulekha’.

On the contrary, during the narratar’s childhood in Goa, the Baker used to be his friend, companion and guide. He used to come at least twice a day. The author and his friends used to climb a bench or the parapet and peep into the basket somehow. The author can still recall the typical fragrance of the leaves: Then he and his friends didn’t even care to brush their teeth.

Thus, the narrator had carefree and enjoyable childhood which was full of childish activities whereas Bholi’s testing time later paved way for her bright future through education.

(iii) Rajvir had been invited to spend his vacations with his classmate Pranjol whose father was the manager of a tea estate in Assam. He was quite excited about the trip and had gathered considerable amount of relevant information i.e., where tea originated and how it became such a popular beverage. He informed that about 80 crore cups of tea are consumed daily and that the name ‘tea’ itself has been originated from Chinese language. He narrated two popular legends about the origin of tea.

Rajvir exhibits an important value trait, that the pre-requisite to gain knowledge-curiosity and eagerness to know. Moreover, he is not a passive learner but is proactive in collecting prior information to any real experience. He likes to do his homework thoroughly before going to a place. This is something very appreciable and children should develop this habit of finding out about the place they are going to visit. These are extremely desirable traits for all learners.

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