NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 9 Poem Fog

Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 9 Poem Fog

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 9 Poem Fog in this step-by-step answer guide. In some of State Boards and CBSE schools, students are taught thru NCERT books. As the chapter comes to an end, students are requested few questions in an exercising to evaluate their expertise of the chapter. Students regularly want guidance managing those NCERT Solutions.

It’s most effective natural to get stuck withinside the exercises while solving them so that you can assist students score higher marks, we’ve provided step by step NCERT answers for all exercises of Class ten First Flight Fog so you can be looking for assist from them. Students should solve those exercises carefully as questions withinside the final exams are requested from those, so these exercises immediately have an impact on students’ final score. Find all NCERT Solutions for Class ten First Flight Fog below and prepare in your tests easily.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 9 Poem Fog

Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 9 Poem Fog

Textbook Questions


Thinking about the Poem

1. ( i ) What does Sandburg think the fog is like ?

Ans . The fog is like the little cat sitting with her knees bent .

( ii ) How does the fog come ?

Ans . The fog comes silently and slowly .

( iii ) What does ‘ if in the third line refer to ?

Ans . ‘ It ‘ in the third line refers to the cat and the fog as well .

( iv ) Does the poet actually say that the fog is like a cat ? Find three things that tell us that the fog is like a cat .

Ans . The poet does not say it . But he means it through a metaphor .

The three things are : ( a ) The fog comes ( b ) It sits on little haunches ( c ) It then moves on .

2 . You know that a metaphor compares two things by transferring a feature of one thing to the other ( See Unit 1 ) .

( i ) Find metaphors for the following words and complete the table below . Also try to say how they are alike . The first is done for you .


Description automatically generated

Ans .


Description automatically generated

( ii ) Think about a storm . Try to visualise the force of the storm , hear the sound of the storm , feel the power of the storm and the sudden calm that happens afterwards . Write a poem about the storm comparing it with an animal .

Ans . Students can write a poem on Storm as asked for .

3. Does this poem have a rhyme scheme ? Poetry that does not have an obvious rhythm or rhyme is called ‘ free verse ‘ .

Ans . The poem does not have a rhyme scheme . It is a free verse .


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