NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 8 Mijbil the Otter

Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 8 Mijbil the Otter

1. Textbook Questions
2. Intext Questions ( Oral Comprehensive Check )

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 8 Mijbil the Otter in this step-by-step answer guide. In some of State Boards and CBSE schools, students are taught thru NCERT books. As the chapter comes to an end, students are requested few questions in an exercising to evaluate their expertise of the chapter. Students regularly want guidance managing those NCERT Solutions.

It’s most effective natural to get stuck withinside the exercises while solving them so that you can assist students score higher marks, we’ve provided step by step NCERT answers for all exercises of Class ten First Flight Mijbil the Otter so you can be looking for assist from them. Students should solve those exercises carefully as questions withinside the final exams are requested from those, so these exercises immediately have an impact on students’ final score. Find all NCERT Solutions for Class ten First Flight Mijbil the Otter below and prepare in your tests easily.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 8 Mijbil the Otter

Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 8 Mijbil the Otter

Textbook Questions


B. Thinking about the Text .

( Page 110 )

1. What things does Mij do which tell you that he is an intelligent , friendly and fun – loving animal who needs love ?

Ans . Mij was an intelligent animal . It invented it own game out of the ping – pong balls . It screwed the top till water began to flow and then it would play and splash in the water . Though it was aloof and indifferent in the beginning , it soon became very friendly . It formed a special attachment with Maxwell . It responded when Maxwell called out his name . It grew desperate when Maxwell left it in a box and it got hurt while trying to come out of it . After Maxwell took it out , it clung to his feet . It was a fun – loving animal . It enjoyed playing all kinds of games . It would play with a selection of toys , ping – pong balls , marbles , rubber fruit , and a terrapin shell . It required love and affection from Maxwell and it got that readily .

2. What are some of the things we come to know about otters from this text ?

Ans . Otters belong to a comparatively small group of animals called Mustellines , shared by the badger , mongoose , weasel , stoat , mink Jose and others . Maxwell’s otter was of a race previously unknown to science and was at length named by zoologist Lutrogale perpicillata maxwelli or Maxwell’s otter . They are found in large numbers in marshes . They are often tamed by the Arabs . It is characteristic of otters that every drop of water must be extended and spread about the place ; a bowl must at once be overturned , or , if it would not be overturned , be sat in and splashed in until it overflowed . For them , water must be kept on the move . Otters love playing various games , especially with a ball .

3. Why is Mij’s species now known to the world as Maxwell’s otter ?

Ans . Maxwell’s otter was of a race previously unknown to science and was at length named by zoologists Lutrogale perspicillata maxwelli or Maxwell’s otter .

4. Maxwell in the story speaks for the otter , Mij . He tells us what the otter feels and thinks on different occasions Given below are some things the otter does . Complete the column on the right to say what Maxwell says about what Mij feels and thinks .


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Ans .


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5 . Read the story and find the sentences where Maxwell describes his pet otter . Then choose and arrange your sentences to illustrate those statements below that you think are true . Maxwell’s description

( i ) makes Mij seem almost human , like a small boy .

( ii ) shows that he is often irritated with what Mij does .

( iii ) shows that he is often surprised by what Mij does .

( iv ) of Mij’s antics is comical .

( v ) shows that he observes the antics of Mij very carefully .

( vi ) shows that he thinks Mij is a very ordinary otter .

( vii ) shows that he thinks the otter is very unusual .

Ans . ( i ) He spent most of his time in playing toys and splashing water in the bathtub .

( ii ) Mij screws the tap in the wrong way .

( iii ) I watched , amazed ; in less than a minute he had turned the tap for enough to produce a trickle of water , and after a moment or two achieved the full flow .

( iv ) On his way home Mij would tug the author two feet high wall of a school and run full thirty yards .

( v ) A suitcase that I had taken to Iraq had become damaged on the journey home , so that the lid , when closed , reminded at a slope from one end to the other . Mij discovered that if he placed the ball on the high and it would run down the length of the suitcase .

( vi ) When he travelled to southern Iraq there he saw people keeping otters as pet . So he felt keeping otter as pet .

( vii ) It is not , I suppose , in any way strange that the average Londoner should not recognise an otter , but the variety of guesses as to what kind of animal this might became as a surprise to me . Mij was anything but an otter .

C. Thinking about Language

I. Describing a Repeated Action in the Past

To talk about something that happened regularly in the past , but does not happen any longer , we use would or used to . Both would and used to can describe repeated actions in the past .

( a ) Mij would follow me without a lead and come to me when I called his name .

( b ) He would play for hours with a selection of toys .

( c ) On his way home … Mij would tug me to this wall .

( d ) When I was five years old , I used to follow my brother all over the place .

( e ) He used to tease me when Mother was not around .

To describe repeated states or situations in the past , however , we use only used to . ( We cannot use would for states or situations in the past . ) So we do 4. Maxwell in the story speaks for the otter , Mij . He tells us what the otter feels and thinks on different occasions . Given below are some things the otter does . Complete the column on the right to say what Maxwell says about what Mij feels and thinks not use would with verbs like be , have , believe , etc. Look at the following sentences .

( a ) When we were young , we used to believe there were ghosts in school .

( Note : believe shows a state of mind . )

( b ) Thirty years ago , more women used to be housewives than now .

( Note : be here describes a situation . )

From the table below , make as many correct sentences as you can using would and / or used to , as appropriate . ( Hint : First decide whether the words in italics show an action , or a state or situation , in the past . ) Then add two or three sentences of your own to it .

A picture containing table

Description automatically generated

Ans .

1. Emperor Akbar used to be fond of musical evenings .

2. Every evening we used to take long walks on the beach .

3. Fifty years ago , very few people used to own cars .

4. Till the 1980s , Shanghai used to have very dirty streets .

5 . My uncle would spend his holidays by the sea .

6. My uncle used to take long walks on the beach .

7. My uncle used to be fond of musical evenings

8. Emperor Akbar would talk to his advisor every morning .

II . Noun Modifiers To describe or give more information about a noun ( or to modify a noun ) , we use adjectives or adjectival phrases . Look at these examples from the text :

( a ) An eminently suitable spot ( b ) His wide , flat belly

( c ) Symmetrical pointed scales ( d ) A ricocheting bullet

Nouns can also be used as modifiers :

( a ) The dinner party ( b ) A designer dress

( c ) The car keys

We can use more than one noun as modifier . Proper nouns can also be used :

( a ) The Christmas dinner party ( b ) A silk designer dress

( c ) The Maruti car keys

In the examples below , there is an adjectival phrase in front of a noun modifier :

( a ) The lovely Christmas party ( b ) A trendy silk designer dress

( c ) The frightfully expensive golden Maruti car keys

1. Look at these examples from the text , and say whether the modifiers ( in italics ) are nouns , proper nouns , or adjective plus noun .

( i ) An otter fixation ( ii ) The iron railings

( iii ) The Tigris marshes ( iv ) The London streets

( v ) soft velvet fur ( vi ) A four – footed soccer player

Ans .

( i ) Noun

( ii ) Noun

( iii ) Proper noun

( iv ) Proper noun

( v ) Adjective plus noun

( vi ) Adjective plus noun

2. Given below are some nouns , and a set of modifiers ( in the baxj . Combine the nouns and modifiers to make as many appropriate phrases as you can . ( Hint : The nouns and modifiers are all from the texts in this book . )


Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Ans . Temple – white temple , stone temple , first temple Person – incorrigible person , ridiculous person

Gifts – hundred gifts , ordinary gifts , birthday gifts

Time – college time , rough time , first time

Crossing – railroad crossing , first crossing

Physique – plump physique , ordinary physique

Three girls – first three girls , incorrigible three girls

Thoughts – incorrigible thoughts , uncomfortable thoughts , ridiculous thoughts , heartbreaking thoughts , first thoughts , ordinary thoughts

Scream – tremendous scream , loud scream

Subject – college subject , ordinary subject

Flight – rough flight , first flight

Coffee – invigorating coffee , ordinary coffee

Triangle – love triangle

Boys – college boys , incorrigible boys , rough boys , hundred boys

Farewell – college farewell , heartbreaking farewell

Landscape – bare landscape , rough landscape , white landscape

Chatterbox – incorrigible chatterbox

View – tremendous view , panoramic view , ordinary view

Dresses – hundred dresses , ordinary dresses , birthday dresses , marriage dresses

Roar – tremendous roar , loud roar

Expression – bare expression , slang expression , slack expression

Handkerchief – white handkerchief , ordinary handkerchief

Profession – family profession , first profession , ordinary profession

Celebration – tremendous celebration , family celebration , birthday celebration

III . Read this sentence : He shook himself , and I half expected a cloud of dust . The author uses a cloud of dust to give a picture of a large quantity of dust . Phrases like this indicate a particular quantity of something that is not usually countable . For example : a bit of land , a drop of blood , a pinch of salt , a piece of paper .

1 . Match the words on the left with a word on the right . Some words on the left can go with more than one word on the right .

( i ) a portion of – blood ( ii ) a pool of – cotton

( iii ) flakes of – stones ( iv ) a huge heap of – gold

( v ) a gust of – fried fish ( vi ) little drops of – snow

( vii ) a piece of – water ( viii ) a pot of – wind

Ans . ( i ) a portion of – fried fish

( ii ) a pool of – blood

( iii ) flakes of – snow

( iv ) a huge heap of – stones

( v ) a gust of – wind

( vi ) little drops of – water

( vii ) a piece of – cotton

( viii ) a pot of – gold

2. Use a bit of a piece of a bunch of a cloud of a lump of with the italicised nouns in the following sentences . The first has been done for you as an example .

( i ) My teacher gave me some My teacher gave me a bit of advice .

( ii ) Can you give me some clay , please .

( iii ) The information you gave was very useful .

( iv ) Because of these factories , smoke hangs over the city .

( v ) Two stones rubbed together can produce sparks of fire .

( vi ) He gave me some flowers on my birthday .


Description automatically generated

A. Oral Comphension Check

( Page 106 )

1. What ‘ experiment ‘ did Maxwell think Camusfearna would be suitable for ?

Ans . The writer had gone to Southern Iraq in the year 1956. He took a fancy to the idea that instead of keeping a dog as a pet , he would go for an otter . Camusfearna was surrounded by water , so it would be an eminently suitable spot for this experiment .

2 . Why does he go to Basra ? How long does he wait there , and why ?

Ans . The writer went to Basra to collect and answer his mail from Europe . He had to wait there for 5 days as his mail did not arrive .

3. How does he get the otter ? Does he like it ? Pick out the words that tell you this .

Ans . His friend bought the otter for him and sent it to the place where he was staying .

The author liked it . This is seen in ” The second night Mijbil came on to my bed in the small hours and remained asleep in the crook of my knees …. ” ” I made a body – belt for him … ” .

4. Why was the otter named ‘ Maxwell’s otter ‘ ?

Ans . The otter was named by zoologists as Lutrogale Perspicillata Maxwelli . Hence , it was called Maxwell’s otter in short .

5. Tick the right answer . In the beginning , the otter was

1. aloof and indifferent

2. friendly

3. hostile

Ans . In the beginning , the otter was aloof and indifferent .

6. What happened when Maxwell took Mijbil to the bathroom ? What did it do two days after that ?

Ans . When the author first took Mijbil to the bathroom , the otter first went wild with joy in the water . He plunged and rolled in it . He jumped up and down the length of the bathtub . He made enough slosh and splash . After two days , the otter suddenly disappeared and went to the bathroom to play in the water and opened the tap on his own .

( Page 108 , 109 )

1. How was Mijbil transported to England ?

Ans . Mijbil was packed in a box as the airlines had directed the author . As British airlines did not allow pets on board the author had to book a ticket on a different airline from Iraq to Paris and then Paris to London .

2. What did Mij do to the box ?

Ans . The box was lined with a metal sheet . Mij didn’t feel comfortable in the box and tried to escape . In his attempt to escape , Mij tore into the metal lining of the box and in the process hurt himself .

3. Why did Maxwell put the otter back in the box ? How do you think he felt when he did this ?

Ans . As there was no other way to carry Mij to London , Maxwell put in the box again . He must have felt pity on the way the otter hurt himself . Moreover , he must be worried as well .

4. Why does Maxwell say the air hostess was ” the very queen of her kind ” ?

Ans . The air hostess was very sympathetic after listening to Maxwell’s story . She understood how he might be feeling and then gave him permission to take the otter out of the box . Due to all this , Maxwell referred her as ” the very queen of her kind ” .

5. What happened when the box was opened ?

Ans . As soon as the box was opened , Mij ran out . Then it ran all over the place scaring all the passengers . It created a chaos and most of the people in the plane got scared .

( Page 110 )

1. What game had Mij invented ?

Ans . Mij invented a game of playing with the ball in a unique way . One of the author’s suitcase was damaged and had a slope on the top part . Mij would put the ball on the high end and run to catch it as it slided to the lower end .

2. What are ‘ compulsive habits ‘ ? What does Maxwell say are the compulsive habits of

1. school children

2. Mij ?

Ans . Compulsive habits are usually strange act or behaviour which a person does without clear reason . For example a cricket player may put on his right shoes first as he believes it would bring him good luck or a kid jumping over a fence , instead of going through the passage way . Usually compulsive beahviour of children are full of childhood mischief and those of adults are of incorrigible type .

1 . As per this story , children must place their feet squarely on the centre of each paving block ; must touch every seventh upright of the iron railings , or pass to the outside of every second lamp post .

2. Mijbil while on its way to home would jump over the boundary wall railing and run at full speed throughout its length .

3 . What group of animals do otters belong to ?

Ans . Otters belong to a comparatively small group of animals called Mustellines . The other animals of this group are badger , mongoose , weasel , stoat , mink and others .

4 . What guesses did the Londoners make about what Mij was ?

Ans . As otters are not found in England so Londoners made the wildest possible guesses about Mij . Their guesses ranged from a baby seal , a squirrel , a hippo to a brontosaurus .


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