NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses I

Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses I

1. Textbook Questions
2. Intext Questions ( Oral Comprehensive Check )

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses I in this step-by-step answer guide. In some of State Boards and CBSE schools, students are taught thru NCERT books. As the chapter comes to an end, students are requested few questions in an exercising to evaluate their expertise of the chapter. Students regularly want guidance managing those NCERT Solutions.

It’s most effective natural to get stuck withinside the exercises while solving them so that you can assist students score higher marks, we’ve provided step by step NCERT answers for all exercises of Class ten First Flight the Hundred Dresses I so you can be looking for assist from them.

Students should solve those exercises carefully as questions withinside the final exams are requested from those, so these exercises immediately have an impact on students’ final score. Find all NCERT Solutions for Class ten First Flight the Hundred Dresses I below and prepare in your tests easily.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses I

Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 5 The Hundred Dresses I

Textbook Questions


B. Thinking about the Text

1. How is Wanda seen as different by the other girls ? How do they treat her ?

Ans . Wanda is seen as different by the other girls because first she had a funny name , secondly she was poor and lived at Boggins Heights and her shoes were usually caked with dry mud .

The girls used to make fun of her . They used to stand in a group and ask her about her dresses .

2. How does Wanda feel about the dresses game ? Why does she make up the story about the dresses ?

Ans . Wanda does not feel bad about the dresses game . She answers the girls questions stolidly , every time they asked her . She made up the story about the dresses because she has designed a hundred dresses and she has piled all of them in her closet . So , according to her story , the hundred dresses she tells about lined up in her closet were the hundred designs of the dresses she has drawn .

3. Why does Maddie stand by and not do anything ? How is the different from Peggy ? Was Peggy’s friendship important to Maddie ? Why ? Which lines in the text tell you this ?

Ans . Maddie stood by and did not do anything because she did not want to loose her only best friend , Peggy . Moreover , she was afraid of to be the next target of Peggy and other girls , if she would stop them teasing from Wanda .

Maddie was different from Peggy , as Maddie was poor and usually wore somebody’s hand – me – down clothes . She used to wear Peggy’s old clothes which her mother tried to disguise with new trimmings . Maddie was different from Peggy in other sense also . She did not like teasing Wanda . She wanted Peggy to stop teasing her . Peggy and Maddie were best friends . Peggy’s friendship was important to Maddie because Peggy was the be liked girl in the room . Maddie’s closeness to her perhaps make others notice her . All considered them inseparable friends . Moreover , Peggy used to help Maddie by giving her clothes .

( The lines which tells this are 🙂

( 1 ) Peggy and Maddie , her inseparable friend , were always the last to leave .

( ii ) Slowly Maddlie tore into bits the note she had started . She was Peggy’s best friend and Peggy was the best liked girl in the whole room .

4. What does Miss Mason think of Wanda’s drawings ? What do the children think of them ? How do you know ?

Ans . Miss Mason is very happy with Wanda’s drawings . She said that she was the only girl who had actually drawn one hundred designs all different and all beautiful and according to the judges , anyone of the drawings was worthy of winning the prize .

Children also feel happy because they burst into applause and have got the chance to stomp on the floor and whistle . ” Even Maddie and Peggy also liked ” the drawings because they are discussing about them .

C. Thinking about Language

Look at these sentences

( a ) She sat in the corner of the room where the rough boys who did not make good marks sat , the corner of the room where there was most scuffling of feet .

( b ) The time when they thought about Wanda was outside of school hours ..

These italicised clauses help us to identify a place , a set of boys and a time . They are answers to the ques tions , ” What kind of rough boys ? Which corner did she sit in ? ‘ and ‘ What did they think of Wanda ‘ ? They are ‘ defining ‘ or ‘ restrictive ‘ relative clauses . ( Compare them with the non – defining relative clauses discussed in unit – 1 )

Combine the following to make sentences like those above .

1. This is the bus ( What kind of bus ? ) It goes to Agra ( Which / that ) .

Ans . This is the bus that goes to Agra .

2. I would like to buy ( a ) Shirt ( Which shirt ? ) ( The ) shirt is in the shap – window . ( use which that )

Ans . I would like to buy the shirt which is in the shop window .

3. You must break your fast at a particular time ( When ? ) You see the moon in the sky . ( use when ) .

Ans . You must break your fast when you see the moon in the sky

4. Find a word ( What kind of Word ? ) It begins with the letter z ( Which that )

Ans . Find a word that begins with the letter z

5. Now find a person ( what kind of person ) . His or her name begins with the letter 2. ( whose ) .

Ans . Find a person whose name begins with the letter z

6 . Then go to a place ( What place ? ) . There are no people whose names begin with z . In that place ( use where ) .

Ans . Then go to that place where there are no people whose names begin with z .

D. The Narrative Voice

This story is in the third person , that is the narrator is not a participant in the story . But the narrator often seems to tell the story from the point of view of one of the characters in the story . For example , look at the italicised words in these sentences .

( a ) Thank goodness , she did not live up on Boggins Heights or have a funny name . Whose thoughts do the words Thank goodness ‘ express ? Maddie’s who is grateful that although she is poor , she is yet not as poor as Wanda , or as different ( So she does not get teased , She is thankful about that ) .

1. Here are two other sentences from the story . Can you say whose point of view the italicised words express ?

( i ) But on Wednesday , Peggy and Maddie , Who sat down front with other children’s who got good marks and who didn’t track in a whole 101 mud . Did notice that Wanda wasn’t there .

( ii ) Wanda Petronski Most of the children in room . Thirteen didn’t have name like that . They had names as to say , like them smith or Allen .

Ans . ( i ) Peggy’s and Maddie’s

( ii ) Children of room no . 13.

2. Can you find other such sentences in the story ? You can do this after you read the second part of the story as well .

Ans . Students can do this activity themselves .

3. Look at this sentence . The italicised adverb expresses an opinion or point of view.

Obviously , the only dress Wanda had was the blue one she wore everyday . ( This was obvious to the speaker ) from other such adverbs are apparently , evidently , surprisingly , possibly , hopefully , incredibly , luckily . Use these words as appropriately in the blanks in the sentences below . ( You may use a word more than once , and more than one word may be appropriate for a given blank . )

1 . _______ , he finished his work on time .

Ans . Surprisingly .

2. _______ , it will not rain on the day of the match .

Ans . Hopefully .

3 . _________ , he had been stealing money from his employer .

Ans . Evidently .

4. Television is __________ to blame for the increase in violence in society .

Ans . apparently .

5. The children will _______ learn from their mistakes.

Ans . hopefully .

6. I can’t ________ lend you that much money .

Ans . possibly .

7. The thief had ______ escaped by bribing the jailor .

Ans . apparently .

8. _______ no one had suggested this before .

Ans . Luckily .

9. The water was ______ hot .

Ans . luckily .

A. Oral Comprehension Check

1. Where in the classroom does Wanda sit and why ?

Ans . Wanda used to sit in the next to the last seat in the last row in room thirteen in the corner where the rough boys who did not make good marks used to sit . Nobody knew exactly why she used to sit on that seat , may be because she came from Boggins Heights and her feet were caked with dry mud .

2. Where does Wanda live ? What kind of a place do you think it is ?

Ans . Wanda lived at Boggins Heights . That place must be full of dry mud .

3. When and why do Peggy and Maddie notice Wanda’s absence ?

Ans . Peggy and Maddie noticed Wanda’s absence on the third day of her absence when they waited for her to have some fun with her but she did not tum turn up .

4. What do you think to have fun with her mean ?

Ans . To have fun with her means to make fun of her and to tease her Peggy used to enjoy teasing Wanda , a Polish girl by asking her about her hundred dresses . Maddie would become a part of the fun unwillingly .

5 . In what way was Wanda different from the other children ?

Ans . Wanda was different from the other children as she did not have any friend . She had a funny name , she came to school and went back home all alone . She always wore a faded blue dress that didn’t hang right and had never been ironed properly . She liked watching small girls playing hopscotch .

6. Did Wanda have hundred dresses ? Why do you think she said she did ?

Ans . No , Wanda did not have a hundred dresses rather she had only one and faded blue dress which was never ironed and that didn’t hang right .

I think , she said so in order to make her position among the girls or may be she was aware that everyone knows the truth and were making fun of her and thus she didn’t want to interrupt them in having fun with her .

7. Why is Maddie embarrassed by the questions Peggy asks Wanda ? Is she also like Wanda , or is she different ?

Ans . Maddie felt embarrassed by the questions Peggy used to ask Wanda because she was also poor and used to we somebody’s hand – me down clothes .

She was not like Wanda , rather was different because she didn’t live in Boggins Heights and didn’t have a funny name . She was not as poor as Wanda . Moreover , if such questions were asked from her as were asked from Wanda , she would never say she had a hundred dresses .

8. Why didn’t Maddie ask Peggy to stop teasing Wanda ? What was she afraid of ?

Ans . Peggy was the best friend of Maddie . She did not want to loose her friend by asking her so . Secondly , she was also poor and she thought if she would ask Peggy to stop teasing Wanda then she would be the next target to be teased by Peggy and other girls .

Maddie was afraid to be the next target for Peggy and the girls . She was afraid of the question Peggy would ask her regarding her dresses as she used to wear the old dresses of Peggy .

9. Who did Maddie think would win the drawing contest ?

Ans . Maddie thought Peggy would win the drawing contest as she drew better than anyone else in the class . She could copy pictures in a magazine or some film stars head so that one could almost feel who it was .

10. Who won the drawing contest ? What had the winner drawn ?

Ans . Wanda Petronski won the drawing contest . She had drawn hundred drawings of bright and beautiful and differently designed dresses .


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