NCERT Solution for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 2 Poem – Fire and Ice

Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 2 Poem – Fire and Ice

NCERT Solution for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 2 Poem – Fire and Ice in this step-by-step answer guide. In some of State Boards and CBSE schools, students are taught thru NCERT books. As the chapter comes to an end, students are requested few questions in an exercising to evaluate their expertise of the chapter. Students regularly want guidance managing those NCERT Solutions.

It’s most effective natural to get stuck withinside the exercises while solving them so that you can assist students score higher marks, we’ve provided step by step NCERT answers for all exercises of Class ten First Flight Fire and Ice so you can are looking for assist from them. Students should solve those exercises carefully as questions withinside the final exams are requested from those, so these exercises immediately have an impact on students’ final score. Find all NCERT Solutions for Class ten First Flight Fire and Ice below and prepare in your tests easily.

NCERT Solution for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 2 Poem – Fire and Ice

Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 2 Poem – Fire and Ice

Textbook Questions


Thinking about the Poem

1. There are many ideas about how the world will end . Do you think the world will end some day ? Have you ever thought what would happen if the sun got so hot that it burst ‘ or grew colder and colder ?

Ans . Yes , I think the world will end one day , though it might take billions and billions of years . There are many ideas about how the world will end . One is through global warming . The ice of Antarctica will melt , the level of water will increase . It will gradually engulf all the land . No plants or vegetation will grow , no oxygen will be there , so no life will be possible and the world will come to an end .

The other ideas are that the Sun will get so hot that it will burst or grow colder and colder . All creatures will die and the world will come to an end .

2. For Frost , What do ‘ fire ‘ and ‘ ice ‘ stand for ? Here are some ideas :

Greed , avarice , cruelty , lust , conflict , fury , intolerance , rigidity , insensitivity , coldness , indifference , hatred

Ans . For Frost , ‘ fire ‘ stands for desire , greed , avarice , or lust . The more you try to satisfy them , the more they grow , or if you try to satisfy one desire , many more crop up . There is no end to them . Like fire they spread in all directions and engulf your whole life . They also increase your greed , avarice and lust . One becomes selfish , indifferent even cruel to others .

Ice ‘ stands for hatred , coldness and conflict , one becomes rigid in attitude . Intolerance in behaviour leads to fury and cruelty . One becomes hard – hearted and insensitive to the feelings of others . ‘ Fire ‘ and ‘ ice ‘ both bring destruction .

3. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem ? How does it help in bringing out the contrasting ideas in the poem ?

Ans . The rhyme scheme is abaa and ababa .

In the first stanza it stands for the same idea but , in the second stanza the line that ends with a different note has the contrasting idea . Thus , the poet has brought out the contrasting idea in the poem by using different rhyme .


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