NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 10 Poem The Tale of Custard the Dragon

Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 10 Poem The Tale of Custard the Dragon

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 10 Poem the Tale Of Custard The Dragon in this step-by-step answer guide. In some of State Boards and CBSE schools, students are taught thru NCERT books. As the chapter comes to an end, students are requested few questions in an exercising to evaluate their expertise of the chapter. Students regularly want guidance managing those NCERT Solutions.

It’s most effective natural to get stuck withinside the exercises while solving them so that you can assist students score higher marks, we’ve provided step by step NCERT answers for all exercises of Class ten First Flight the Tale of Custard the Dragon so you can be looking for assist from them. Students should solve those exercises carefully as questions withinside the final exams are requested from those, so these exercises immediately have an impact on students’ final score. Find all NCERT Solutions for Class ten First Flight the Tale of Custard the Dragon below and prepare in your tests easily.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 10 Poem The Tale of Custard the Dragon

Class 10 English First Flight Chapter 10 Poem The Tale of Custard the Dragon

Textbook Questions

Thinking about the Poem

1. Who are the characters in this poem ? List them with their pet names .

Ans . There are five characters in this poem . Belinda is a girl . The other four characters along with their pet names are as under :

2. Why did Custard cry for a nice safe cage ? Why is the dragon called ” cowardly dragon ” ?

Ans . There is a powerful dragon . He is long , heavy and ferocious . But he is very coward and fearful . He can overpower even the hardest core enemy . Still it also prays for a nice safe cage for its safety . It desired peace and has content ment in it . He is called a cowardly dragon because he always cried for a nice cage .

3. ” Belinda tickled him , she tickled him unmerciful …. ” . Why ?

Ans . Belinda is a humorous and fun loving girl . She gets much enjoyment in tickling the dragon . She troubles , incites and encourages him to show his bravery . It is all pleasure . Belinda wants that the dragon should leave his nature of fear and cowardice .

4. The poet has employed many poetic devices in the poem . For example : ” Clashed his tail like iron in a dungeon . ” the poetic device here is a simile . Can you , with your partner , list some more such poetic devices used in the poem ?

Ans . A simile is used to compare the things like – as mild as wax . Some more examples can be given :

1. mouth like a fireplace

2. chimney for a nose

3. as brave as a tiger .

5. Read stanza three again to know how the poet describes the appearance of the dragon .

Ans . The poet describes that the dragon has big sharp teeth . There are spikes on its top . Below its body one can see scales . He has compared his mouth with a fireplace and nose with a chimney . There are daggers on his toes . They can harm anyone . But it is very coward and always longs for a safe cage .

6. Can you find out the rhyme scheme of two or three stanzas of the poem ?

Ans . The poet has used a four rhyme scheme . It is a . a . b. b. The total system is that of a ballad that makes the readers to put into deep enjoyment .

7. Writers use words to give us a picture or image without actually saying what they mean . Can you trace some images used in the poem ?

Ans . It is the device of putting an impact on the reader . Through them they try to put the readers into reality . Some of the words showing the images can be given as under :

( i ) big sharp teeth , ( ii ) mouth like fireplace , ( iii ) chimney for a nose and ( iv ) tail like iron .

8. Do you find The Tale of Custard , the Dragon to be a serious or a light hearted poem ? Give reasons to support your answer .

Ans . The poem ‘ The Tale of Custard , the Dragon ‘ is a light – hearted one . It creates humour and entertains the readers . Side by side it gives a lot of information about the pets . It has a four rhyme scheme . If the poem is once started , it will be read to the end . It gives an advice to the readers .

9. This poem , in ballad form , tells a story . Have you come across any such modern song or lyric that tells a story ? Jf you know one , tell it to the class . Collect such songs as a project .

Ans . ” An Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog ” is a ballad that has been read . It is good ballad and tells a good story .

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