CBSE Experience Teacher told the easy way to score 90%, check what are these ways?

Very important points told by the experience teacher of CBSE, keeping in mind that you can easily score 90 percent plus.

Use pointers in answer

Answer the question in points so that your impression on the copy checker is good. You try to answer every question in points so that the copy checker will give you more marks.

Use highlighter

Children should use highlighter while writing the answers. Using this highlighter does not mean using a color pen.

Underline the word or line which is very important in the answer or highlight the answer by putting a comma so that your answer looks good to the copy checker and looks beautiful and looks different.

The word limit

Keep in mind the word limit while writing the answer to the question because this time CBSE is going to take a very strict stand regarding the word limit.

While writing the answer to the question, try not to exceed the word limit. Write the answer in the word limit as much as you are asked to write the answer.

Use diagrams

Use diagrams to answer the questions to make your answer look attractive. Try to answer most of the questions using diagrams to answer the questions.

Be sure to use the label in the diagram because sometimes the diagram itself is enough to tell about your answer.

Use margin

Do not forget to use margin, keep in mind that your copy should have margin on both sides so that your copy looks good.

Also, keep in mind that there should be a proper gap between each of your answers, that is, after writing your first answer, you must leave a gap of three to four lines so that your answer is clear and looks beautiful.

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